Employment at Gateway

Supported Employment & Vocational Rehabilitation

Only 21% of individuals living with a disability are employed.

Everyone has a right to earn a paycheck.

But not everyone has been given the resources, training or skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

We provide individuals with the training they need to earn a paycheck and live with dignity.

Our supported employment and vocational rehabilitation programs provide you:

Choices for helping you decide your employment goals

A wide variety of employment opportunities

Skill training on how to do the job

Long-term vocational support

To apply, follow these three steps:

1. Call the NC Vocational Rehabilition Office

You’ll be assigned a case worker who can guide you through the process.

NC VR office number:

2. Complete the required paperwork

Let them know you want to be assigned to the Supported Employment Program through The Enrichment Center.

3. Look for a phone call

You will receive a call from The Enrichment Center letting you know you are ready for the intake process.

Still have questions?

Please contact me about:

Join more than 40 local companies who partner with us.

Build bridges and improve your community by:

Creating an inclusive environment for all individuals

Raising the standard to improve employment opportunities for marginalized individuals

Creating positive experiences for your customers

Providing a space for the community to support individuals living with an intellectual or developmental disability.